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Plate, Rangoon

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6 May 2014
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White earthenware, printed by Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co
Manufactured 25 September 1868 according to the maker's mark

Front of plate has four groupings of fans, the major one with foliage and flowers included.
Underside of plate has printed maker's mark of Royal crest over "B. W. M. & Co / RANGOON"
Embossed manufacturers' names "BROWN WESTHEAD / MOORE & CO" and embossed registration diamond
IV: clay ware
25: 25th day
D: September
X: 1868
12: number of items in the bundle

Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co. operated at the Cauldon Place works, Hanley, established in about 1802 by Job Ridgway. By the 1870s the company was one of the largest in the area, with over 1000 employees. It made a wide variety of table and toilet wares in earthenware and porcelain, and ornamental Parian, eggshell porcelain and majolica wares, and it supplied both the British and Russian Royal families.

Similar to a plate in V & A museum ca. 1875-1885


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