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Plate, Seaforth

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6 May 2014
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White plate with brown transfer decoration of Seaforth pattern.
Produced by Wood's in Burslem, England
Lattice rim decoration with floral details surrounding an Asian influenced riverside scene with a pagoda and three people in the image.
Underside has maker's mark printed "Seaforth / ENOCH 1784 / RALPH 1750 / WOOD'S / BURSELM / ENGLAND"

Earthenware manufacturer at the Trent and New Wharf Potteries, Burslem. Wood & Sons started potting in 1865 in Staffordshire and went into receivership in 2005. Often the maker's marks include "RALPH 1750" and "ENOCH 1784" which refer to two of the three founding brothers who received fame for their superior manufacturing around those dates. Moses was the other brother.


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4 Sep 2016


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