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Plate, Woburn

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6 May 2014
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Earthenware plate with pink transfer decoration
c.20th century
Scalloped edge of plate with floral decoration. Tondo has a vaguely Asian scene with a 'pagoda' in the background and five people by a river side.
Underside has printed "Genuine / Hand / Engravings / EST by / Ridgeway / of 1792 / Staffordshire / 1 England 78 / ALL COLOURS GUARANTEED / UNDERGLAZE / AND DETERGENT PROOF / Woburn" with a floral border.
One of the largest pottery combines in existence, eight factories comprised the group, the oldest of which is Booths, which was already established in the eighteenth century as producers of high-grade earthenware
In 1808 the brothers John and William Ridgway joined their father Job's factory at Cauldon Place, Hanley in Staffordshire and in the same year the production of bone china was added to that of earthenwares. In 1830 the two brothers separated. William Ridgway concentrated on the production of earthenwares. John continued the Cauldon Place Works and was later appointed Potter of Queen Victoria, making some magnificently decorated porcelains.Around 1833 five hundred people were employed at the pottery, and many talented artists were engaged in production of fine painted pieces, some of which are believed to be the work of George Speight and Daniel Lucas, known for their landscape and figure painting. Thomas Brentnall, George Hancock, and Joseph Bancroft have also been employed, specializing in flower painting.
John Ridgway exhibited at the Great Exhibition of 1851 and their catalogue shows the great variety and quality of the porcelain produced by the factory at this time.
In 1856 John Ridgway & Co. gave way to Ridgway, Bates & Co., to be followed on John's retirement in 1858 by Bates, Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co and than from December 1861 by Brown-Westhead, Moore & Co., a firm that continued until 1904.


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