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Doll in costume

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28 Jan 2011
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Beautiful doll in silk skirt and crossover shirt with a tied closure. Black silken thread hair, arms that move joined at the shoulder socket, head stable radiating a steady Mona Lisa smile. She carries a plastic water jar on her head, once broken and reglued back on (at an angle). Underneath she has a metal flip-open bottom panel for batteries so that in her younger days she would glide along on 2 thin wheels. This delightful lovely persona is very vintage, even quite old. I have never seen another like her, and would love any information you might have?


Doll in costume

Doll in costume

  • Doll in costume

    Doll in costume

  • doll facing right

    doll facing right

  • dolll facing left

    dolll facing left

  • and from the back

    and from the back

  • the wheels

    the wheels

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20 Jan 2011
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26 Mar 2012


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