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`Queer as Folk' TV Series Prop Captain Astro Doll.

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4 Aug 2009
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Original prop Captain Astro doll used in the US version of `Queer as Folk' (2000 - 2005,) It was created specifically for the shrine that Michael builds to his hero, Captain Astro, in his comic book store. The costume and mask of Astro was lovingly sewn by hand by the wardrobe department, and put on the body of an unnamed action figure that was purchased by the props department (as is common with props of this type). I'm not sure who his alter-ego is, but I think it may have been a Batman. Captain Astro stands about 11" tall, and his plastic arms, legs and body are fully articulated. He comes complete with his one-piece costume, including fully lined cape, and his black rubber superhero boots. (original auction blurb.)

This was the only doll produced for the show, and was purchased from the show's props master, who lovingly preserved Captain Astro after the series ended.

Have also included a couple of original continuity polariods from the set of the show, including Michael and `real' Captain Astro.


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Photo of historygirl
Posted on 4 Aug 2009
OMG I can't believe you own this, its fab!
Photo of cybermen39
Posted on 5 Apr 2011
Hi i,m a very keen michael and ben fan i have bens book , hospital tag , all rage comics exept number 2 would love it , 3 letters addressed to michaels flat, his lighter from the comic store ,i have a captainastro t shirt but would love this doll number 2 comic or 1 of the glass tumblers with captain astro it from his flat then in the comic store would you ever consider selling him or do you know how i may get any other items of michael or ben. thankyou for reading my email . Were still watching the series from start to finish all these years on 2 episodes every sturday night i love it thankyou Jerry

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