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Lego Millennium Falcon

Date Uploaded
4 Feb 2009
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4 out of 5 (2 ratings)

I built this model over two months last year - a family birthday present!

Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon™Item #: 10179
Build the ultimate Millennium Falcon™!

The biggest, most spectacular LEGO® Star Wars model ever! Straight out of the classic Star Wars movies comes the Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's famous smuggling starship. Every detail of the modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 freighter is here, all constructed to scale with LEGO minifigures. At almost 3 feet (90cm) long, it's the ultimate centerpiece to any Star Wars collection!

With over 5,000 pieces, this is the biggest LEGO set ever made!
Model is built completely to minifigure scale - minifigures can sit inside and man the controls!
Landing gear provides a stable base for model to stand on!
Ship is over 33" long, 22" wide and 8" tall! (84cm long x 56cm wide x 21cm tall)
Radar dish rotates and elevates and boarding ramp extends!
Top and bottom quad-laser turrets rotate for realistic play!
Cockpit top can be removed to access minifigures!
Includes 5 minifigures: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa!
This special set also includes a display card with detailed ship specifications!


Lego Ultimate Collectors Edition Millennium Falcon

Lego Ultimate Collectors Edition Millennium Falcon

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4 Feb 2009
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29 Jul 2009


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Photo of buddymonkey
Posted on 10 Feb 2009
I LOVE this Millennium Falcon! I have the smaller version of this, but it's no where as impressive as this one.
Photo of historygirl
Posted on 26 Mar 2009
I am sooo jealous. Is that a pic of your one? do you have any pics of you working on it?
Photo of Icarus
Posted on 17 Apr 2009
Yes, I will put them for you - it took ages to build.
Photo of Matthew Andress
Matthew Andress
Posted on 4 May 2009
This is one of the biggest Lego sets ever. I believe only the Taj Mahal beats it.
Photo of Matthew Andress
Matthew Andress
Posted on 4 May 2009
Wow, if I would have read the description above, I could have posted: This was the biggest Lego set ever until the Taj Mahal was released.
Photo of historygirl
Posted on 18 Sep 2009

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