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4 Feb 2009
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29 Jul 2009

About Icarus

I have worked in Museum's for the past 21 years, in collection management, policy development, project management, information technology and senior management. I studied Architecture and Archaeology at Sydney University, graduating in 1986. In 1997 I was appointed National Project Manager of Australian Museums On Line (AMOL now CAN) a position which I really enjoyed.
In 1999 I became the first Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the Powerhouse Museum, establishing a new division and executive role. In 2001 I was appointed Director of Information, Multimedia and Technology at Museum Victoria, once again establishing a new division and executive role.

The use and development of the Web has emerged during my career and I have been active since the mid 1990’s with museum website development and increasingly social media and the wonderful engagement and networking opportunities it makes possible for museums.

I am committed to working towards increasing the integration of digital media in museums both physically and virtually. The opportunities available to us today are limited only by our imagination; we are all living through a period of major change which is challenging and exciting.
Museum Victoria

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