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20 Jan 2011
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26 Mar 2012

About collectabilly

I think my collecting style has been influenced by my dads collecting really, and things I saw growing up when I visited my grandmother, and my mum, and my travels, and the times, friends, tv, movies, rarities and unusual experiences. Having moved a lot over the years I tend to collect the portable.

My style as an artist includes drawing & painting, cartoon figures, landscapes, portraits, objects, this is also an influence on what I collect.

Favourite time periods are 1930s to 1970s. Particular interests include pearl shell, Oceania, toys, bags & luggage, kitchen ware, scarves, fabrics, rocks and glass. If it's a pair that's a bonus!

I get the feeling I am saving things from oblivion, they come to me and are loved for the treasure they are, and that someone else once valued.

About the photos: I have taken these shots in natural light, against usually a white or cream backdrop. I have run them through photoshop and had a go at lightening and generally making the pic look as good as I can. The camera I am using is a Canon digital basic model, inexpensive and does a great job for what it is in the natural light in my kitchen where I set up and take shots. Every now and then I have added a scanned photo from shots I took way back with my old Nikon..

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Ceramics from anywhere, but mainly English, Australian, German, Japanese pre-1970.


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Sometimes taken to mean Australia and proximate islands, I am meaning it as Australia and islands of the Pacific: Melanesia, Micronesia, Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand. At this moment I have kept the Shell collection as well, though on the whole a subset of Oceania.


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Showing the special dynamic of 2.

Toys, characters, humanoids, animals and others

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Visiting from all over the 'Verse, loved and with love.

Aboriginal Australia

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Old and new, found (markets, op shops, gallery) fossicked and bought, all with a memory and an emotional connection for one reason or another.


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This may look like a small collection but is just the tip of the crystal iceberg! Where possible no chips, cracks or cuts.


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Jewels, plastic baubles, pins, faux and beads...from many eras and styles, none too serious, or serious at all. Treasured but worn till they break I'm afraid.


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A small begining to the scarf collection, a much loved group, with more to come. No matter what the fabric if the print and the colour is wonderful I love and wear them.

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